Meet Liz

Bio and Family Photo

Hi – I’m Liz, wife to James and mom of some pretty sweet adorables. My growing family is one of the reasons I get to do what I love to do – there are ample opportunities to capture the cuteness of newborns, children and family. Although they are often my subjects, I started taking pictures long before James and I were blessed with kids. I’ve always loved photographs and arranging people…maybe that’s the organization tendencies coming out in me! I got my first DSLR after realizing how many family and friends around me needed someone to take their picture; my little point-and-shoot, as trusty as it was,  just wasn’t cutting it anymore. So, armed with a used Canon Rebel, I loved embarking on the journey of learning more about photography and working with others in a delightful new way. I know how it is to get your family pictures taken. It’s usually a stressful and tiring procedure, especially for the parents, and that’s not how a portrait session should be remembered! I want my sessions to be fun, relaxed and enjoyable – where even dad will be happy to come back again! I’ve moved on and upgraded from that first Canon Rebel and I’ve continue learning; something I’m thankful I can do in between loving my husband, family and church family. In between the joy and chaos of motherhood, I love capturing my life and the lives of others around me in photographs to last a lifetime.

Family photography is important. It gives you a tangible reminder of the ones you love, giving your children a past to remember in the future, and a reminder of how quickly life changes – these are some of the most important aspects of life. Some of my favorite memories growing up are watching a slideshow of my parent’s old Kodak pictures and learning about life before all seven of us kids came along! My dad had a way of telling stories that, coupled with these vintage slides, would stick in your memory for a long time.

Some Things Random & Some Important Bits about Me:

-Committed to serving the Lord Jesus Christ, my Savior. {John 3:16}

-Sang and played with my family band based in Southern Alberta before marrying the man of my dreams, and moving to Southern Ontario. {}

-Favorite dessert would be vanilla ice-cream mixed with Oreos…or anything with Oreos really. {we rarely had them growing up, so I’m making up for lost time}

-I love being organized in my home, and love throwing out empty condiment and shampoo containers.

-I shoot with a Canon 5D Mark III, using a 50 mm. f. 1.4  and a 24-70 mm. f. 2.8 lens

-Would love to have twins…but they don’t run in my family

-Don’t really do the coffee shop thing, but feel like it would be such a mature thing to do.

-Have traveled through five of Canada’s provinces and 17 states in  the U.S.A. while singing with my family’s band.

-I enjoy a rare ice cap but water is my go-to drink.


I sure hope that I can get to know you and your family through a portrait session in the future.

Drop me a line in the contact form if you have any questions!

Photo’s taken by Kelly Temple Photography