Peter & Nelly’s Wedding


Peter & Nelly’s wedding was a wonderful day, and the rain that we were worried about, stayed away! I had such a blast in my 36th week of pregnancy, taking pictures with the wonderful Kristin Peereboom as my second shooter (check her gorgeous work out here!). Capturing my sister in law’s wedding day was special, as I got to share the whole day with her and her man. The ceremony had some special music in it, from all of the siblings to the couple, a song Nel wrote for Peter that she sang, and Peter sang a song to her as well. We were all so happy to have the last sibling married (on my husband’s side), and to a godly man. We took the couple’s portraits in Ancaster, and their afternoon reception was at the Ancaster Fairgrounds.  I loved the bubble exit, and all of the happiness this day contained. So excited to see how God will lead them as they begin their lives together in Portugal. 2017-11-29_01422017-11-29_01412017-11-29_01432017-11-29_01442017-11-29_01492017-11-29_01462017-11-29_01472017-11-29_01482017-11-29_01512017-11-29_01522017-11-29_01732017-11-29_01622017-11-29_01662017-11-29_01652017-11-29_01672017-11-29_01532017-11-29_01542017-11-29_01552017-11-29_01562017-11-29_01572017-11-29_01582017-11-29_01592017-11-29_01602017-11-29_01612017-11-29_01632017-11-29_01642017-11-29_01682017-11-29_01692017-11-29_01702017-11-29_01712017-11-29_0172


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